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Hastings, PA
Altoona, PA
I can't believe it's been 20 years since we graduated from high school! It really doesn't seem that long memories are so vivid and can still make me laugh. Has anyone looked at our "big hair"? That's kinda funny itself, huh? I'm sorry I won't … more »
Claysburg, PA
Patton, PA
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Leesburg, VA
View profile »Samantha (Mandy) Bolles (Mozina)
Shillington, PA
Yikes! Twenty years?!? I'm looking forward to seeing my CH friends in June. We've all done so much with our lives since then and it will be interesting to share our stories & tell our tales! See you all in June!
View profile »Gretchen Kusmierz (Nuss)
Wyomissing, PA
Looking forward to the reunion this year! I've had a lot of fun so far working on it with Mandy, Elaine, Rose, and Nissy (Haluska). Can't wait to see everyone! I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
View profile »Elaine Ponchock-Price
La Plata, MD
Here are some, more current, pictures of us. I can hardly wait to see everyone at the reunion!